Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Custom Quickie book cover design

When you already own a high resolution stock image - or have one picked out - and just need a little help giving it that extra "umph", my "Custom Quickie" book cover design could be the solution.

Get details on the premade book cover store.

Just launched a new landing page for those searching for premade book covers ... . It looks pretty spiffy. Of course all roads lead to the store.


  1. I am the proud owner of Truth and Consequences. :) I love it - and I love working with Cheryl. Fast, fun, and so supportive of what I'm doing with my series. I feel like I'm getting custom cover attention, at a fab price. Thank you, Cheryl!


    1. Thanks Cate! And thank you for letting me design your covers :)

  2. Beautiful cover, Cate! I'm thrilled with the covers Cheryl has done for me, as well. I'd been designing my own because I couldn't find a cover artist whose work I liked, until I saw Cheryl's. And yes, she is fabulous to work with!