Saturday, March 15, 2014

Post Apocalyptic, Stephen King-ish Book Cover

Five miles outside my small hometown in Texas is a small stretch of land with eight cars from the 1930's and '40's lined up at an angle near the fence line. They are rusted and dark with no trace of paint or interior. They seem to be sinking into the land.

I don't know what it is about rusty old vehicles but I wish I had a pickup like one of those sitting in my front yard. I'd plant flowers and vines overflowing from the truck bed. A soothing mix of desolation and charm.

My favorite pre-made book cover today is this post-apolcalyptic design:

I borrowed a sample title from William Faulkner.

Here are the stock images this one was made of, for those who are curious:

Here it is with the Rule of Thirds overlay, which I mostly ditched.

Then I was looking at those "points of impact" (the four spots where the lines cross) and thought that one below the pikcup would be a good place for a half-buried skull.

P.S. If I ever get a pickup like that in my front yard, I'm going to paint cracked, faded letters on the side that say "Butts McCracken Plumbing". Dang, I am truly inspired now.

Update: We have a match! Travis Hill's "It's Better This Way"

What it's about:
   "Twenty-three years ago, the 'bulls' appeared in orbit and destroyed Earth's infrastructure in less than ten seconds. These days, the alien invaders aren't as much of a problem as the surviving humans are.
   Evan Greggs learns that things aren't always as bad as they seem, but sometimes the choices to be made are as murky as they are difficult when it comes to living on The Farm, a community of survivors near the Cascade Mountains in central Oregon.
   When a detachment of the old United States Army arrives with new information about the invaders, the citizens of The Farm are tasked with making another hard choice.
24,000 word novella. LGBT Friendly"


  1. I sincerely apologize if anyone downloads the book and sees someone else's name as the cover designer. I messed up when I attached the new cover to it and forgot to update the front matter. It's fixed now (takes about 12-48 hours to propagate).

    Many thanks to Cheryl. She's made a number of excellent book covers for me (some I haven't even used yet as I'm still working on the stories, yet the covers were too good to let anyone else snag first), and I actually stopped by once again to shop for another new cover.

    Travis Hill
    "It's Better This Way" & "Departure" (both CCR covers!)

    1. No worries Travis. Back in the old days book cover designers were completely anonymous. We're getting spoiled these days :) Thanks for the props!